Poultry farming is the form of animal husbandry such as chickens, ducks, and geese to produce meat or eggs for food in domesticated. It has originated from the agricultural era. But nowadays poultry means mostly chickens. More than 60 billion chickens are used for consumption annually. Today we discuss What has the poultry farming cost and What are the risks of the poultry business field.

Main types of poultry farming cost

Now we can identify What has the poultry farming cost, as follows

  1. Working capital requirements
  2. Birds purchasing cost
  3. Feed purchasing cost
  4. Medicine expenses
  5. Equipment Purchasing cost
  6. Electricity
  7. Water
  8. Transportation cost
  9. Workers salaries
  10. Government license renewal and taxes
  11. Waste management cost

Working capital requirements

At the beginning of the business, you need to farmland. You want to purchase or hire land for constructing those farmhouses. The cost of purchasing land and construction expenses can be categorized as working capital requirements.

Birds purchasing expenses in poultry farming

                This cost aliment is the most important cost factor in poultry farming. Because birds/chicks are our business resource. If you purchase birds, you must pay high attention to that. You can plan what birds are purchases. For example, if you want to get eggs, you have to buy layer chicken and you like the meat business, buy broiler chickens.

Feed purchasing cost

             Feed cost is the main expense in poultry farming. When you select a commercial chicken feed for your birds, you will find different types of feeds. For example the chicken poultry, they give chick starter, grower feed, finisher, layer rations. If you give the right feed category at the right time to the birds, you can get successfully harvest If the product is egg or meat. But sometimes feed costs more than production profit. Then we must know about how to produce birds feed by yourself and what are the materials are making it.

Medicine expenses

    To maintain the good health of the birds, you should be provided medicines. If you give to right medicine at right time increase their immunity and they can preserve nutrition life. At present diseases are common for humans as well as birds. In that case, medical treatments are necessary.

Equipment Purchasing cost

After the construction part, you want to purchase the necessary machines and poultry types of equipment. Such as heaters for chicks, feeders and drinkers, electric items, etc. before the birds into the cage you have to build good water and feed system. So you can get good products for it.


In poultry farming costs, electricity expense is the main element. Birds need lightning every time. As well as for running machines and poultry types of equipment electric power is needed. For example generators, water pumps, bulbs, etc.


Birds are wanted water in every time. So we have to build a good water line for birds. We can use for it public water line or own water resource such as well or tube well. If you are using public water line you have to pay a water bill. Another way if you use a private water system you must create a water cleaning method and afford some cost for it.

Transportation cost

There are many transportation costs have poultry farming. Shall we think you start a layer farm? After that, you want to get feed your farmland and transport eggs to the market. Then you have to spend many cost on it.

 Workers salaries expenses in poultry farming

After the start your poultry business you have to get some employees. So you have to give a salary to them. Sometimes they asked you to give some advance salary or deadweight situation. If you can manage your worker’s salary cost and gives to benefits them, able to increase profit in your business.

Government license renewal and taxes

When you are starting a business and carry on it, you want to get licenses and environment quality certificates for your business. After getting that licenses and certificates you have to renew them annually. Also when your earning profit is passed the government tax rules, then you have to pay income tax, etc.

 Waste management cost

In the poultry farming industry wastage management is the main factor as build the quality of your product and save unessential costs. So you can focus to waste management and how to control it on a low budget.

What are the risks of poultry farming?

  1. Diseases
  2. Rise in cost of inputs
  3. Snake, rats, frog, and fly hazards
  4. Lack of medication and vaccines
  5. High cost of medication and vaccines
  6. Insufficient fund for farmers
  7. Lack of raw material in feeds
  8. Unbearable weather condition affecting poultry birds
  9. Unstable price for products in the market
  10. Sometimes unstable power supply
  11. Lack of storage facilities
  12. High cost of labors
  13. Inadequate of government support to industry
  14. Poor technical knowledge for improved farming technology

So I think you got a good knowledge about What has the poultry farming cost and what are the risks of the poultry business field? Thank you for reading an article and if you like to read how to balance salary for your life click here and read it.

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