Tourism is a journey with the purpose of gain pleasure or business. Nowadays tourism is the main goal of many hearts and it becomes a famous and viral global activity. lets we go to learn what are the different types of tourism?

Main Types of Tourism 

There are two methods of tourism. The first one is INTERNATIONAL TOURISM and the second one is DOMESTIC TOURISM. These types are formed based on the movements of the people. 

International Tourism 

When people visit foreign countries, it can be called International Tourism. If you want to visit a foreign country you should have several things. such as a valid passport, visa, foreign exchange, health documents and, etc. 

Further, international tourism can be divided into two groups namely INBOUND TOURISM and OUTBOUND TOURISM. 

Inbound Tourism

Inbound tourism can be defined as people visit a country and those visitors are not residents of that particular country. Simply the people visit the country that is not their host/native country. In the perspective of the country where these people visit, this is inbound tourism. As an example, if Chinees origin visits Sri Lanka. it can refer as Inbound tourism for Sri Lanka. 

Outbound Tourism 

When people travel outside of their native country with the purpose of tourism, it is called outbound tourism. Simply the traveler travels to another country with the purpose of tourism. As an example, if Chinees origin visits Sri Lanka, it can be defined as outbound tourism for China. 

Domestic Tourism 

When people travel to their own native country for tourism, it is domestic tourism. Here travelers do not need formal travel documents as well as tedious formalities like foreign exchange and health checks. Generally, in domestic tourism, travelers do not have to face any issues that come with language and currency exchange. 

What are the Forms Of Tourism?

Tourism forms are based on the purpose of the visit and alternative forms. below forms can be further divided into several types according to nature. 

What does Tourism Product Mean?

Tourism products can be defined as the satisfaction of both tourists’ physical and psychological status during their tours. The travel and tourism industry is a combination of many sectors. That sectors promote travel and tourism-related services. These sectors can be named as travel vendors. The services and goods provided by the travel vendors are called travel/ tourism products. There are five components of tourism products. These are physical plant, services, freedom of choice, hospitality, and a sense of involvement. 

According to that, tourism product is both the resources  (natural or man-made) and services that involved to fulfill and satisfy the requirements of tourists.

Characteristics of tourism products


tourism products cannot touch or see and cannot transfer ownership. But you can use them at the specified time.

                    E.g. there is a hotel room and it is available for a specified time. 


after using the product, it fulfills the psychological need of the tourists. 

Highly Perishable

tourism product is highly perishable. It means these products can not store for a long time. 

Composite Product

tourism product is the combination of many different products and gets the full experience of a visit to a place is must have a sum of various products. As an example, the hotel provides rooms, the restaurant provides food, the airline provides seats. 

types of tourism have Unstable demand

many factors including seasonal, economical, and political affect the demand for tourism.  

Tourism is a popular global activity. According to the purpose of the travel, tourists demand various products and services. There are many industries related to tourism to give complete satisfaction to the tourists. 

  1. Hotels – the hotel is the commercial establishment and main pillar of the tour. it provides accommodation, meals as well as other guest services. 
  2. Restaurants – this retail establishment offers foods and beverages to the consumers. Restaurants play a vital role in the travel and tourism industry. 
  3. Retail and Shopping- these are help tourists to buy day-to-day necessary items and things. Further tourists are can collect mementos and souvenirs. Some countries in the world promote the cities as a shopping destination to attract tourists. These are offering different products such as jewelry, garments, electronic items, and antiques. 
  4. Transportation industry
    1. Travel agencies – this service helps tourists to move their destinations. These services help to transport both people and their goods. 
    2. Tour operators- tour operators combine and assemble the tour and travel components to create the holiday. 
  5. Cultural industry– this industry has the responsibility to create, produce, and distribute the goods as well as the services that obtain the culture of the particular society.

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